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hello. thank you for being with us. washington redskins defensive tackle albert haynesworth has been traded. a person familiar with that deal says haynesworth will join the new england patriots. however, the redskins and
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patriots have not formally announced the trade. dave is live in ashburn with more information. dave. >> reporter: you know, no surprises here. just a lot of relief. mike shanahan needed to do two things to make sure the drama from last year didn't bleed over in in season. one trade ton van mcnabb. he got that done. two, get rid of albert haynesworth. that happened this morning, they shipped him off to new england in ex chain for a draft pick in 2013. new england head coach said his team was in the process of acquiring the defensive lineman. a nightmare episode, record contract in 2009, later that season haynesworth started to complain about former defensive coordinator greg, then in 2010, the infamous conditioning test. that followed up with off-field legal problems and the stubborn standoff with coach shanahan. we talked to a lot of redskins players around here, and they
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say while they respect number 92, they didn't want the soap opera again this season. >> we got to move on without him, forget about the sagas and. albert, mcnabb, you name it. when it's ballgames, forget about the grumbling we go through every year. >> win some ball names! that contracted, seven years, $100 million, 41 million of it guaranteed. record deal for defensive lineman. in two years, haynesworth missed 12 games, eight due to deactivation and also registered just 6 1/2 sacks. it's the -- beginning of a very busy day out here at redskins park. players arriving for the first day of training camp and some notable cuts by some very recognizable redskins. we'll have all that coming up later on today. dave owens, 9 sports now. back to you. >> thank you very much, dave. here are the dates that redskins fans should mark on their calendars. saturday, august 6 is fan appreciation day at redskins
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park. the first pre-game season or preseason game is going to be held friday, august 12th. and it is a home game against the pittsburgh steelers. now, the first regular-season game is at home, it's going to be on sunday, september 11th. we're going to play the new york giants. in other news, one person is dead after a crash in cloverleaf, maryland. montgomery county police say an suv and a landscaping truck collided on new hampshire avenue near ednor road. the person in the suv was killed. officials have not released that victim's name. fairfax county police have released new pictures of the man they believe is responsible for a string of slashings at area malls. police suspect that this person has attacked at least five women since february.
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three of the women were attacked at fair oaks mall. the latest attack happened on monday. police say that the man distracts his victims while they shop, and then he moves in and cuts them with a boxcutter or a razor blade. today d.c. gray will announce the expansion of the city's pay by phone program. it allows us to pay for meters using a cell phone or through an app on a smart phone. hopefully that, will help avoid some parking tickets. if you have old ones, the city is offering an amnesty program because starting monday, any ticket issued before 2010 can be paid without any of the extra penalties. it covers parking tickets or ones issued from red light and speeding cameras. the city is hoping to bring in more than $6 million. part of our area has the most overdue tickets. why is that? we asked dmv.
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>> 17.4% district residents, 37.6% maryland residents, 22.7% virginia residents punishment remaining is all the rest of the united states. >> again, we want to remind you that the amnesty program begins on monday, and it will last until january 27th. this afternoon, the house is expected to vote on a revised g.o.p. plan to raise the debt ceiling but it's uncertain if the republicans have the vote to pass it in the house and much less in the senate. jay dow has the latest now from capitol hill. >> reporter: after a hurried rewrite, john boehner brings his debt plan to the house floor today. facing opposition in his own party, he urged members to support the bill and get the job done. >> number of people who have been undecided or know are now
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declaring themselves for the bill. >> but some conservative republicans say the measure's $917 billion in spending cuts are not enough, and they cannot vote for it. >> right now i can't, but again, we just got the numbers last night and we're still looking at it. >> from the other side of capitol hill, some republicans are telling house colleagues they're being unreasonable about their demands. >> that is not fair to the american people, to hold out and say we won't -- agree to raising the debt limit until we pass a balanced budget amendment to the constitution. it's unfair. it's bizarro. >> even if speaker boehner's bill clears the house, senate democrats still say they won't support a plan that raiseses the debt ceiling for just six months. every senate democrat and two independents signed a letter to speaker boehner, promise to go oppose his bill. >> republicans cannot get the short-term band-aid they'll vote on today. >> most lawmakers insist they're trying to get the job done by next week's deadline.
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if the debt ceiling is not raised by august 2, the government will not have the money to pay all of its bills. jay dow, cbs news, capitol hill. the difference between the democrats' proposal and the republicans' debt plan is how long they last. the democratic version extends the debt limit through the next election. the g.o.p. bill would only last until later this year. republican presidential candidate herman cane is apologizing to muslim leaders for remarks that he made. the former godfather's pizza ceo has said the communities have the right to ban islamic mosques because muslims are trying to inject their law into the united states. he also said he would not want a muslim bent on killing americans in his
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administration. cane met with muslim leaders yesterday in virginia. afterwards, he said he was truly sorry for those comments. the check is in the mail for about 500 residents, of a small prince william county town. they'll get tax refunds because of town's budget surplus. the town is a market, virginia, a community of 1200 people. homeowners will get between 150 and $400, depending on the value of their home. the town council voted on monday to give back more than $150,000 in budget surplus, and the checks should arrive in the next to couple weeks. still to come when 9news now continues, new findings regarding cell phone use. and brain cancer in children. and we'll unveil national plans for the international space station, once it is re designed. we'll be right back.
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a suicide bombing in the southern afghan city of kandahar had has killed their mayor. the bomber hid explosives in his turban in order to assassinate the man who lived in the area for two decades
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before returning to afghanistan in 2007 to take leadership in rebuilding his homeland. his friends discussed his desire to help his countrymen. >> he wanted to give back to his people in kandahar. >> just two weeks ago, president karzai's half-brother because also killed in kandahar. in all, three power brokers from southern afghanistan have been murdered this month. at least five people were killed and more than 20 others injured when two bombs exploded in the iraqi city of tikrit this morning. it was the hometown of former dictator saddam hussein. experts believe sunni muslims with ties to al-qaeda are responsible for the attack. the international space station is going to come crashing into earth in about 10 to 15 years. that is about how much longer
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useful life it has. nasa says the plan is always been to let it fall out of orbit, burn up, and then crash into the pacific. coming up next, howard and the forecast. >> a lot warmer, a lot more humid than what we had the last couple days. and tomorrow could be a record breaker. allergy numbers have gone on the right direction. they have dropped. check this out. tree pollen is low, weeds moderate and mold is low. i'll be back with your 7-day forecast and a cute cocker spaniel when we return.
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we have a health alert because a new study says cell phone use does not increase the risk of brain cancer in children and teens. swiss researchers looked at hundreds of brain cancer patients and they concluded that the patients were not more likely to have been regular cell phone users. however, the study does not look at long-term cell phone use. question is, the child that begins using the cell phone at 7 or age 12, when they're 47, after four decades of using a cell phone, is there risk after developing brain cancer? >> a world health organization panel recently concluded that
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it was possible cell phones could cause cancer. if you'd like to make a new friend this summer, the washington animal rescue league is gearing up for a very big event next weekend. staffers went to a couple shelters in west virginia early this week and they brought back 30 animals. five cats, 25 dogs. vets will spend the next week or so checking the pets for any health issues or behavioral problems, and then they'll be ready for new homes. >> we're having a big adopt a on this the weekend of the 6th and 7th and we'll be open for 33 hours and we are anticipate that large animals and they're great animals will be able to get into people's homes by the weekend. >> if you'd like to learn more about the animals that are available for adoption at the rescue league, and you'd like to see their adorable pictures, you just have to log on to our
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website,, and look for this story on the news. today is the annual pony auction in virginia. about 130 ponies were herded across the channel yesterday. it's the annual tradition, and it's made famous by marguerite henry's 1947 novel, misty of chincoteague. the money raised will support the volunteer fire company. howard is here with the forecast. get ready, hot weather is coming back! >> yes, triple digit heat potentially tomorrow but the difference from this and last week, this will be a one-day affair. >> good. >> last week we had the three days of hundred plus across the region. it's not going to be pretty tomorrow. with the heat index value maybe 110 or more. so i bets under heat advisory tomorrow. today the worst thing we've got going is the code orange air quality, but the muggies are back. here's a look at your day
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planner. we've got temperatures which will be going into the 90s already in the 90s out there. 91, 92 over the next few hours. we'll be dancing in and out of the clouds as well, with some high clouds that have been streaming in from the north so we may at times, looks like a lot of sunshine here. there will be spots that will be overcast and spots further south that will see more sunshine, temperatures by 7 or in the upper 80s and by 9 into the mid-80s. high today 93, 94, 95. depending on how much sunshine we get. and you can see the clouds streaming in from northwest to southeast. the brighter clouds, these are the thicker ones, reflecting sunlight from cumberland at the west virginia panhandle. some of that spilling over towards the district and all the rain generally staying north but we might get something to populate this afternoon or this evening that will come down and clip parts every northern maryland. more sunshine south and 93, culpeper 91, it's 91 across the
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bay in easton and also here at national, college park is 91, it's 87 great falls. but remember the clouds thicker north, so montgomery county 84 at the airport. 86 in leesburg and 90 at this hour in manassas but muggier than yesterday. 91 feeling like 99, thanks to that dewpoint this morning it was 60 when i got in at 4 a.m. now it's 73 so that's really jumped greatly today on the heels of those southerly winds at 11 miles an hour. relative humidity that's not bad at 55% but it's some kind of sticky out there. let's talk about a couple things. we've got the ridge of high pressure middle of the country, that's moving toward us. that's why we'll be hot tomorrow. on the north side of the ridge, look at the thunderstorms that will reduce the number on air travel through chicago and detroit today. south of the ridge the tropical moisture on the gulf coast and this is tropical storm don, headed towards texas. and for us, upper level winds generally will take the high clouds towards us but push these rainshowers to our east. and as re look at future-cast, you'll notice by 7:30, trying
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to get a finger of moisture here into northern maryland. we'll kick that out by midnight. tomorrow we start okay, more sun over virginia, more clouds in maryland. we see a few storms forming up north in the afternoon tomorrow, and then during the day south d.c. points south staying dry, saturday this front comes through early so there might not be much rain with it but in the afternoon especially south of d.c. on saturday, that's when you'll have that chance of thunderstorms. today 94, mix of clouds and sun. tomorrow hot, 100. that will break the record. record tomorrow is 99. 94 on saturday. and again, could be some afternoon storms around here on friday, especially north of town. looking ahead on 7-day, you'll notice as we head towards sunday, still in the 90s with a chance every afternoon storms. monday still in the 90s with a chance every afternoon storms. a little bit cooler tuesday, but boy, we don't see a big cooldown coming any time too soon. speaking of the warmth, we're outside now on the weather terrace. it's time for pet line 9 on
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this thursday. angela robinson from the oldies but goodies cocker spaniel rescues with me. tell me about dwight! >> he is such a wonderful dog. and you can see how fluffy and beautiful he is. he was recently groomed and owner at perfect groomers in falls church said he was such a gentleman. so well behaved. and he does great on walks. you can see that he needs so lose some weight. he came in a little chunky but we're working on that. >> that's just a matter of time and a good diet and taking him out for walks and he just looking for some love. you fostered -- >> yes, dwight is living with myself and one other foster dog. he is housebroken. he gets along well with kids because they're kid-friendly. and he is learning to play with toys. he's enjoying it. he rides well in a car. and he sits down on all around nice temperament. and we really are appreciative of the pet line 9 spot because he's getting overlooked for some reason and he's just such a nice dog! the guess is he's 8 years old.
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he came as a stray and the vet makes a guess with their teeth. he's got a lot of years left. they live to be about 15, 14 years olds. he'll be at the adoption show this saturday at has been letter valley pet smart. you can go to pet line 9. >> don't worry about that info. if you missed it, go to, it's all going to be there understand the pet line page. we'll be right back with 9news now at noon, right after this. you're a good boy!
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your home and auto policies and save. don't worry, tiny people. flo is a gentle giant. bundle home and auto at many of us have dietary
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restriction because we suffer from kidney failure or diabetes or high blood pressure. i have a celebrity chef with me today. i want to introduce from the food network, chef aaron mccargo, jr. thank you for being here. >> glad to be here. >> you're preparing herb crusted chicken, and it smells toe good. but you have some tips for people who have dietary restrictions. what are those tips? >> absolutely. we can make things easier for the patient on dialysis. one is cut the salt out. so you want to stay away from phosphorous things and potassium, it's like tomatoes and oranges, like beans and nuts. you want to stay away from gadgets. because lot of gadgets in the kitchen make things complicated and make sure the food you're cook will be something that you can make two or three dishes. we've got chicken breast here today. we crusted it with herbs, lemon zest. i breaded the chicken. very little butter. make sure you have no salt. no salt on this table.
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we took some butter, a little lemon juice, and -- >> butter is okay? >> very little. everything in moderation. and it's very little. you cannot have a lot of liquid. you cannot have not too much butter. definitely can't have salt so you're talking about a quartey spoon of butter which was in this. >> that's all? >> that's all. and then you got these crunchy chicken tenders. i like to let these rest. you know, the gettest thing it's like you can get this recipe at any time. >> guess where we have it? >> we have it here. >> you shared it with me. thank you, chef! it's at this is very, very easy to prepare, and if you have a dietary restriction, everything is healthy about this. >> we're partner up to make sure everything is healthy in moderation and it's simple. >> well, we are so happy to have you from out of town. >> oh, yeah! >> came in to be with and what
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a lovely played he's made? >> make sure that you do go out and think about your diet when you're shopping. this is all about eating healthy. it's all about making food fun to eat and it's all about playing it simple so check with medical care or go to ultra care >> all right. thank you! >> thank you! >> thank you, chef! >> all right. >> thank you for being with us. see you at 5:00.
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